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Hannah's Motto was "Live life to the MAX!"   

Hannah said this despite the fact that she was suffering from the real effects of depression, and she did it, to the best of her ability at the time.  However, as the illness progressed she became less able, and the "fear of embarrassment" prevented her from seeking help. What she could not see is that depression is a treatable illness, and there are many people who have suffered from depression who are now living happy and well. 

We would like to dedicate this page to the collection, and discussion of strategies for LIVING WELL. 

Some of these strategies will come from Hannah's work,  some come from very famous people, but the majority we hope will come from ordinary people.  I most cases the names are fictitious, but the people and their stories are real.   The stories are not be used as a substitute for good advice from a qualifed health professional. If you want professional advice you will need to seek it out for yourself, starting with, perhaps, the helpful links.  Your comments and suggestions would be most welcome. Please feel free to contact us.

In response to an angry thought, and the onset of feelings of panic, Luke said - "Let it go ... it was just a thought"

"Medication helps, ... keeping fit, ... and I like to remember this advice, given to me a long time ago, and that was to  - Live as if you weren't" Paul, Senior Psychologist

"It's important to have at least one good friend that you can talk to about anything, I mean anything. It's also important to have a good doctor, one that you get to see every time, one that gets to know you over a period of many years, a doctor you can trust. Every now and then I get to see a specialist. I get to work though the issues that have been causing trouble, we use CBT. I like to think of it as getting my head recalibrated"  George, Senior Executive, Mulit-national Corporation.

"When I get the heeby jeebies, I just take myself off to the doctor. I give them a call and they make sure that the doors are open and there is a place for me to sit down when I get there. Sometimes I have to get a friend to drive me there, but the good thing is no-one makes a fuss, they just accept me for who I am, and are there to support me until I feel better. Sometimes I just visit my friends, and lie on their couch. They are OK with that, because they know that when I am feeling better I will get up and go home, and they know that I would do the same for them".  Jenny, Systems Analyst

"When you wake up - Get Up, and when you are tired - Go to Bed"

"If you are having trouble sleeping - don't drink coffee after 12 pm"   Dr. Phillip

"I love it when a friend invites me out for coffee in the morning - it gives me a good excuse to just 'step into the shower' "

"I think of the last time I lost sense of time. I remember that that was a place and time when I was happy, and I plan to go there again."  Jane

 "The three components of happiness are ... Something to do, Someone to love, Something to look forward to."   Dr. G. Livingstone, M.D


From Hannah - 

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Updated 12-Sep-2008