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Hannah was prolific writer and a good friend to many people.  In one of her notebooks - "THE LITTLE BOOK OF TRUTHS"  - she wrote -

          My Motto?           “Live life to the MAX#!”                           
My Purpose?        “To love* God, to love* others, and help them know their purpose."
          My Goal?             “Christlikeness”          
          Who am I?           “A child of God, part of God’s family.” 
My home?            “Heaven”      
           Favourite Song?   “Amazing Grace”     

                                                "*Love = give them your valuable time and attention"

                                                    # Hannah's Motto was based on her interpretation of John 10:10

    Listen to Hannah's testimony, given at her baptism in December, 2005 -


 Why I have hope for Earth and Heaven - I know that God has a good plan for my life. His plan has been awesome so far and I can see how he has blessed me (with good looks etc.,. ) I know He will continue to reveal blessings. I know God loves me & wants me to be happy. Jesus paid the price for my sin so I dont have to die but eternally live. I have never felt happier than I do now as I live knowing these things. Because of my moments of sadness I realised that I am not all knowing but I can trust in God who is.  














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